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Underachievers Checklist

Does Your Child Lack Motivation?          Is Your Child an Underachiever?
  Yes No     Yes No
 1.    Your child scores average or better on intelligence tests, but consistently brings home poor grades.   11.    Teachers report that the child is almost always behind in school work and lacks self discipline.
2.    Teachers have been telling you for a long time that "he doesn't apply himself".   12.   Makes excuses for poor grades like "the teacher is boring", "the class is irrelevant", or "I had a bad day".
3.   Too much time is spent watching TV or not doing anything constructive.   13.   He seems to have a short attention span.
4.   Too little time is spent preparing for classes or doing homework. May even claim that there is no assigned work.   14. Spends more time and energy working at getting out of tasks than completing them.
5.   Shows little initiative in doing household chores. Is not a "self-starter".  Must be nagged.   15.  Appears to make no realistic plans for the future. In fact, refuses to seriously discuss it.
6.   Is immature in relationships with adults. Sees any criticism as being "picked on".   16.    He can do well, but only when he feels like it.
7.   Often fails to complete projects, or loses interest even in things he says he wants.   17.  Becomes angry when things don't go exactly the way he wants.
8.   Does his worst in the important subjects like Reading, Math and English.   18.    Cannot save money regardless of how much he earns or is given.
9.   Procrastinates. Answers most parent requests with "later"or" in a minute". Leaves school projects until the last minute.   19.    Lacks self confidence especially around kids his own age.
10.   Seldom accepts responsibility for personal failure. Tends to blame "bad luck"or other people.   20.   Teachers say he can't work without one-to-one attention.
Number of Yes Answers
Probably not an underachiever
Most likely an underachiever
This Underachievement Profile is no substitute for a professional evaluation. We ask parents to fill out the Underachievement Profile and bring it along to the initial interview.
Remember, most underachievers will deny they have a problem. It is you as parents who must make the decision to seek help.  For information call 630-627-5000